Burgess Animal Book Notebooking
Burgess Animal Book Notebooking
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This is a site dedicated to homeschoolers who want to help each other. We invite you to participate in this site by sharing any resources that you have written. Sharing ideas with each other makes planning our homeschooling unit studies and lapbooks easier and more fun. So, have fun viewing other's unit study ideas and share yours too!

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AP, CLEPping and Dual Credit...Oh My! - Homeschool Helper OnlineAP, CLEPping and Dual Credit....Oh My! 3/18/2014
It is common folklore that the oldest child is always the parents' guinea pig, a child to “practice” on and see what may or may not work. Homeschooling is no different. The more children you homeschool, the more you learn about what does and does not work... Here's a brief explanation of each, along with some of the advantages and limitations of each.....Read More

But What About High School? - Homeschool Helper OnlineBut What About High School? 2/15/2014
When my children were younger, my non-homeschooling friends seemed to easily accept my idiosyncrasy of wanting to home-school my offspring. Accepted it up to a point. They always asked, “But what about high school? You'll send them to school, then, right?”....Read More

Beginning Homeschoolers:  What Not to Do - Homeschool Helper OnlineBeginning Homeschoolers: What Not to Do 1/15/2014
I've met several families in the last few months who are in their first year of homeschooling. Although I'd prefer to think of myself as “young”, the truth is that I'm probably considered a “veteran” homeschooler by others due to the fact that I started homeschooling my oldest daughter when she was in kindergarten and she's now about to graduate from high school....Read More