Burgess Animal Book Notebooking
Burgess Animal Book Notebooking
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Free Frog Lapbook - Homeschool Helper Online

Frogs Lapbook Submitted by JoAnn S.

Library List:
Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel (fiction)
The Frog Princess by E.D. Baker (fiction book on cd)
Why Frogs are Wet by Judy Hawes (non-fiction)
The Nature of Frogs: Amphibians with Attitude by Harry Parson (non-fiction)

Instructions for Folding Lapbooks

Resource sites:

All about frogs
Anatomy of a frog - detailed
A frog's life cycle - detailed

1. vocabulary
2. frog life cycle
3. frog's anatomy
4. classification
5. habitat
6. diet
7. predators
8. defenses
9. species of frogs
10. frogs vs. toads

Lapbook Templates (pdf file)

Activity 1:

1. gills
2. webbed
3. metamorphosis
4. amphibian
5. vertebrate
6. secretion
7. gland
8. camouflage

Activity 2:

Frog's life cycle - complete the wheel book by drawing the frog's life cycle

Activity 3:

Frog's anatomy - label the frog's parts

Activity 4:

Classification - what is the classification of a frog? Describe why they fit into this class?

Activity 5:

Habitat - what kind of habitats can you find frogs? Do they all live in water?

Activity 6:

Diet - what does the frog eat?

Activity 7:

Predators/hazards - list the predators and hazards that the frog has to watch out for.

Activity 8:

Defenses - how does the frog keep itself safe? What are its special defenses?

Activity 9:

Species of frog - how many species of frog are there? Are there any that have a unique quality?

Activity 10:

Frog vs. toad venn diagram

Girl with Frog coloring sheet
Frog Lined Notebooking Paper