Burgess Animal Book Notebooking
Burgess Animal Book Notebooking
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Free Horses Lapbook - Homeschool Helper Online

Horses Lapbook Submitted by Monti W.

Grades 2-6

Resource Sites:

4-H Horseless Horse Project Book

Instructions for Folding Lapbooks

We just finished a Horse lapbook. We started with the 4-H project book then just added some things and left some out. Here are some of the things we did.

Pocket with cards "Horse of a Different Color"

The kids cut the color description and the picture of the horses and pasted them on the cards.

Face markings (small booklet):

Leg markings (single hot dog fold):

Vocabulary Tabs:
I just made the word then the definition and they had to match them up. We used foal, colt, filly, stallion. gelding, mare. We also included the donkey, ass, and mule, but only because my dad has them on his farm.

Horse gaits

Breeds (tab book):
I had them pick 4 breeds from library books. 4 points of info they had to find and write down:
Size-height and weight
Where they come from (country of origin)
Common color
FYI Interesting Fact (their choice)

Horse Parts Label: Single fold

Tack: Flap Book We did the Western & English Saddle, Curb Bit, Hackamore, then the brushes. The 4-H book had good pics to label

Horse vs Pony

Measuring a horse: We had horses and donkeys to measure. We also measured our height in "hands". We pinned up a paper with the tallest horse and smallest horse and our height for perspective. My kids LOVED this part.
Wikipedia - Horses

Horse Psychology:
We used this to cover a bit of body language and danger zones. Again, my father has them so this was important to us.
- Four Corners fold on the body language
- Flap book of the blind spots

Horsepower: THIS was a fun one! We went to the high school stadium for the steps.
1. Record your weight.
2. Measure the height of a flight of stairs in feet (measure 1 step then X the number you intend to run)
3. Run up the stairs and record time.
4. Multiply your weight time the height of the stairs to find the amount of work done.
5. Divide work done by the time in seconds for the amount of work done in one second. (ft/lb per sec)
6. Determine YOUR horsepower by plugging it all in the formula:

HP= ft/lb per sec

Horse Diet

Additional Resources:
Label a Horse Worksheet & Answers
Horse Shoe Shape Book
Horse Coloring Sheet
Riding a Horse
Boy Riding a Horse