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Free Insects Lapbook - Homeschool Helper Online

Insects Lapbook Submitted by JoAnn S.

Library List:
Insects by Eyewitness books 4th-6th (but could be used for other grades)
Insect World by Time Life books K- 3rd
Insects: Life Cycles and the Seasons by John Brackenbury (all ages)
Simon and Schuster Children's Guide to Insects and Spiders by Jinny Johnson 3rd-6th
It's a Good Thing There are Insects by Allan Fowler K-3rd
Find the Insect by Cate Foley K-3rd

Instructions for Folding Lapbooks

Resource sites:

Live Science
Insect Biology and Ecology

1. Vocabulary
2. Label the insect
3. Characteristics of an insect
4. Is a spider an insect?
5. Insect defenses
6. Insect diets
7. How do they do it?
8. How many insect are there?
9. Benefits of insects
10. Predators of insects
11. Types of insect life cycles
12. Insect Reproduction
13. Insect classification
14. Insect communication

Lapbook Templates (pdf file)

Activity 1 - vocabulary

1. species
2. arthropods
3. exoskeleton
4. head
5. thorax
6. abdomen
7. antennae
8. metamorphosis
9. insect
10. classification

Activity 2 - label the parts of an insect

Activity 3 - what are the common characteristics of all insects?

Hands-on: make a paper mache ladybug

Activity 4 - Is a spider an insect? Why or why not?

Activity 5 - What kinds of defenses do insects have?

Activity 6 - What do they eat?

Let's observe ants by making ant farms.
You'll need 4 clean glass jars. Fill 3 jars 2/3 full of the sifted soil then slightly dampen the soil. Take the sponge and cut into pieces. Dampen the sponges and place one piece in each jar. Now you will need to put food in the jars for the ants. In one jar place a few seeds, in the second jar place the sugar, and the third jar place the dead insects. Using the fourth jar you are now ready to go collect your ants from the backyard. Place some of your captured ants in each jar and securely tie a piece of cheesecloth on the top of each jar. The cheesecloth will keep the ants in and let them get air. You'll need to store your ant farms in a dark place and only bring them out to observe their behavior. Make sure to add a little water when needed.

Now that you have your ant farms made its time to make some observations. Do you notice a difference between the 3 farms? Is one group of ants surviving better than the others? If so, why? Draw conclusions about the ants from your observations. Make sure to record your observations.

Note: If you want your ant farms to survive longer try to locate the queen and place it in the jar.

Activity 7 - how do insects eat, smell, breath, see, and feel?

Hands-on: Try eating like a fly.

You'll need a clean thick piece of sponge and a drinking straw. Cut a whole partially through the sponge and insert the straw. Now try and drink through the straw. This is how a fly's mouth works.

Activity 8 - How many insects are there? How many species of beetles, grasshoppers, butterflies and moths, and ants?

Hands-on: Do a bug hunt
Here is the bug hunt form you'll need

Activity 9 - What are some of the benefits of insects to the environment and to us?

Hands-on: have a honey tasting. Get a few different kinds of honey and try them on some toast.

Activity 10 - What kind of dangers do insects face?

Activity 11 - What are the different kinds of insects' life cycles? Explain.

Hands-on: watch the life cycle of a monarch butterfly. You can purchase a Butterfly Garden kit here.

Activity 12 - How do insects reproduce?

Activity 13 - How are insects classified? Give the classification of an insect of your choice.

Activity 14 - insect communication. Explain some of the ways insects communicate with each other. You can learn about how bees communicate with each other by watching this interactive demo. Then make up your own waggle dance to communicate a message to someone.

Insect Worksheet

Butterfly and Moth Worksheet
Insect Worksheet
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