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Free Pennsylvania Lapbook - Homeschool Helper Online

Pennsylvania Lapbook Submitted by Pamela J.

Library List:
K is for Keystone: A Pennsylvania Alphabet by Kristen Kane

Instructions for Folding Lapbooks

Lapbook Templates - (pdf file)

What is your name? (Matchbook) The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - Commonwealth means good for all Pennsylvanians. Pennsylvania's name came from William Penn its founder. The root "sylvania" means woods. Hence: "Penn's Woods"

Who was William Penn? (Matchbook) 1st Settlers:- Swedish 1638 New Sweden, Dutch 1655, English 1664- near present day Philly --William Penn was an English Quaker who wanted to start a colony for Quakers in the New World. King Charles II admired William's father, Admiral William Penn, and called the colony Pennsylvania after him.
William Penn
Penn & Quaker Beginnings / Colonial Clothing
Pennsylvania Charter of Privileges, 28 October 1701
William Penn Notebook Page

Quaker State (tri fold) Pennsylvania was founded by Quakers (Religious Society of Friends) who sought for religious freedom. The state became known as the "Quaker State"
Quaker Information Center

Keystone State Mini (Simple fold) Pennsylvania is nicknamed the "Keystone State" because it was in the middle of the colonies both physically and governmentally. It was thought to 'hold together' the colonies like a keystone holds an arch together. Keystone

Pennsylvania State Quarter (Tri-fold)
PA Quarter Info
PA Quarter Worksheet

Punxsutawney Phil (Simple Fold) Find out about the famous Punxsutawney Phil! - Groundhog Day Activities & Groundhog Notebooking

State Motto (Scroll book) "Virtue, Liberty, and Independence"
Statehood (Star booklet) December 12, 1787 - 2nd State

What does the Pennsylvania Seal mean?
Pennsylvania Seal
plow and wheat sheaves = agriculture ship = commerce
eagle = speed, strength, bravery, and wisdom cornstalk = prosperity
olive branch = peace

Pennsylvania Flag (Simple fold) Describe the Pennsylvanian flag. When was it adopted? Flag Info

County Research your county and write about it. We also searched for individuals and places from our particular county and town.

Pennsylvania Numbers (6 flap book) 312 miles (502 kilometers) east to west - 158 miles (254 kilometers) north to south -- total area- land area -- highest point is Mount Davis 3,213 feet (980 meters) - lowest point at sea level along he Delaware River - population over 12 million -lowest (0-30 F) and highest temperatures (100 F)

PA Mountains (triangle shape) Ranges - Allegheny, Appalachian, Poconos, Blue Ridge; Mountains - Shade Mountain, Second Mountain, Tuscarora Mountain, Jacks Mountain, Hawk Mountain, Mount Davis

PA Rivers (curved) 4,500 rivers and streams in the state - Susquehanna, Schuylkill, Allegheny, Ohio, Monongahela, Delaware, Clarion, Beaver - Pine Creek Gorge contains the waterfalls Winona, Silver Thread Falls, and Bushkill Falls.

Harrisburg - Capital versus Capitol (3 flap book) Define the two words, write about Harrisburg.
Harrisburg Photo

Pennsylvania Seasons (Flap book) - What are the seasons like in Pennsylvania?

Native Americans of Pennsylvania (Tab Book) Fill in about each tribe and any others you would like to research ~ lined and unlined versions - Native Tribes - Monongahela, Susquehannocks, Delaware or Leni-Lenape, Shawnee, Erie.
Native Americans of Pennsylvania
Native American Tribes in Pennsylvania
Native Americans of Pennsylvania

Government (Foldable) Cut and glue pieces inside. Fold right side in 2 times, close book.

Pennsylvania Timeline (accordion book) Add as many sections as you like with info from your research.

Plants of Pennsylvania -(layer book) Flowers: buttercup, chicory, fireweed, goldenrod, Jacob's ladder, black-eyed Susan, wild geranium, mountain laurel, violet - Trees: elm, hemlock, maple, oak, pines, red maple, tulip

Animals of Pennsylvania - Ant, bald eagle, bass, bat, beaver, bear, beetle, bobcat, butterfly, bumblebee, cardinal, carp, catfish, cicada, coyote, crayfish, cricket, dragonfly, elk, ermine, firefly, fox, freshwater eel, freshwater mussel, goose, grasshopper, groundhog, hawk, honeybee, hummingbird, katydid, ladybug, leech, mallard, mockingbird, mosquito, moth, muskrat, opossum, owl, partridge, perch, peregrine falcon, pike, praying mantis, rabbit, raccoon, robin, ruffed grouse, skunk, snail, sparrow, squirrel, termite, trout, turkey, turtle, walking stick, water snake, water strider, weasel, white-tailed deer, woodchuck, woodpecker, yellow jacket - Enchanted Learning has information on almost all of these animals along with printouts, crafts, and activities.

Natural Resources
The Environment, the Johnstown Flood of 1889, Coal Mining, Oil Drilling

Manufacturing in Pennsylvania - electronic companies, food processing, iron, metal products, nuclear power (Three Mile Island in Harrisburg ), petroleum refineries, pharmaceuticals, paper companies, printers, publishers, shipbuilding (Philadelphia Ship Yard), steel, textiles and clothing

Pennsylvania Transportation (4 flap)
Highways: PA Turnpike I-76- known in 1794 as Philadelphia-Lancaster Turnpike was the "first major hard-surfaced road in the country, paved with stone and gravel"
Railroads: over 9000 miles of track
Airports: Philadelphia International, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Erie, Allentown
Ports: Philadelphia (one of the largest in the world), Erie, and Pittsburgh. ~ Barge Canals pulled by mules. ~ Robert Fulton's 1st working steamboat (1807 Clermont)
Crossing the Alleghenies

Agriculture of Pennsylvania (tri-fold flap) apples, beef and dairy cattle, corn, hay, milk, peaches, potatoes, mushrooms, poultry and eggs, sheep, wheat and other grains
Agriculture & Rural Life - Beef, chicken, fruit, timber, dairy products, mushrooms

Pennsylvania Dutch -(tri fold) Amish & Mennonite
The Amish - Lifestyle, faith, history, schools, weddings, etc.

Famous Documents written in Pennsylvania - Great Law 1682, Charter of Privileges 1701, Declaration of Independence 1776, Constitution of the United States 1787, Pennsylvania Constitution 1968

Favorite Foods in PA - bubble gum (first made in Philadelphia in 1928), chicken corn soup, chicken pot pie, funnel cakes, Heinz products, Herr's snacks, Hershey chocolate and ice cream, ice cream soda (created in Philadelphia in 1874), kielbasa, mushrooms from Kennett Square (Mushroom Capital of the World), soft pretzels (first made in Lancaster in 1850's), pierogi, Philly cheesesteak, shoo-fly pie
Milton S. Hershey -sold candies to an English company to earn his 1st million dollars, built Hershey Chocolate Factory - Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar 1900, Hershey Kisses 1907 - 'created his own town for his employees with stores, theater, zoo, houses, community buildings, an amusement park, and school for orphaned boys'

State Symbols

State Bird: Ruffed Grouse State Tree: Hemlock State Flower: Mountain Laurel
State Animal: White-tailed Deer State Dog: Great Dane State Drink: Milk
State Fossil: Phacops rana State Insect: Firefly State Flagship: Niagra
State Fish: Brook Trout    

The Liberty Bell
The Liberty Bell coloring page may be cut out and used as a shape book to hold information about the Liberty Bell.

History Notebook Page - use for history, explorers, colonization, slavery & underground railroad, immigration, battles, people, places, etc.

Battles & Wars in Pennsylvania (Notebook Page) - French & Indian War, Revolutionary War, Civil War
French & Indian War
Fort Pitt
Revolutionary War
The Philadelphia Campaign
Battle of Brandywine
General "Mad Anthony" Wayne
Historic Valley Forge
Liberty Bell Home History, Timeline, Facts, Quotes

Nation's Capital 1790 - 1800

War of 1812 - Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry - Battle of Lake Erie

Civil War - General Lee in Shenandoah Valley - Gettysburg
Underground Railroad
Abolition in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Geography
Neighboring States: New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Water: Lake Erie -- Cities: Philadelphia, Lancaster, Reading, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Erie, Allentown, Scranton, Bethlehem, and your town! -- Include major rivers, lakes, mountain ranges, and other landforms.
*Maps of Pennsylvania Highway, Physical, & County Maps - Locate your town and go to a local site.
Map Activities Map Quiz, Label Map, Outline Map, Dot-to-Dot, US Map - Find Your State, US Map - Where I Live
Pennsylvania State Maps Customized maps and puzzles with a free generator - Freeform PA Map, "Label Me" Map, Crosswords Puzzle, Criss Cross Puzzle, Scrambled Places
PA Maps You can "zoom" up close around the state, even find your street!

Historic Places - Brandywine Battlefield, Daniel Boone Homestead, Fort Ligonier, Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Gettysburg National Park, Hopewell Village, Old Fort Mifflin, Valley Forge National Historic Park
Philadelphia's Historic Mile: Carpenters' Hall, Christ Church, Congress Hall, Elfreth's Alley, Franklin Court, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Library Hall, Pottsgrove Mansion, Betsy Ross Home

Fun Places to Visit - Allegheny National Forest, Amish country - Lancaster, Army-Navy Museum - Philly, Barge Rides - Easton, Carnegie Science Center - Pittsburgh, Coal Mine Tours, Crayola Factory - Easton, Crystal Cave - Kutztown, Franklin Institute & Academy of Natural Sciences- Philadelphia, Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, Heinz Incorporated (Ketchup), Herr's Factory Tour, Hershey's Chocolate World & Hershey's Park, Kennywood Park, Lake Erie, Laurel Caverns - Uniontown, Little League World Series & Museum - Williamsport, Philadelphia & Pittsburgh Zoos, Pocono Mountains Summer Resorts & Skiing, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania & The Amazing Maize Maze - Strasburg, State Museum of Pennsylvania - Harrisburg, Sturgis Pretzel House

Historical: William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, Edward Hanford, Margaret Mead, William McGuffey, B.F. Skinner, John Bartram, Gifford Pinchot, "Mad Anthony" Wayne
Robert Peary (North Pole explorer 1909)
Daniel Hale Williams (conducted 1st open heart surgery)
Daniel Boone
Lewis & Clark in Pennsylvania

Inventors: Robert Fulton (steamboat Clarmont), George Ferris (Ferris wheel in 1892), Harold Pitcairn ("autogiro" - a cross between a road vehicle and small airplane), Christopher Sholes (typewriter), Benjamin Franklin

Women: Betsy Ross - Betsy Ross Worksheet - Betsy Ross' Home
Rachel Carson - marine biologist
Clara Barton & the American Red Cross
Nellie Bly - Elizabeth Cochran Seaman 1864 -undercover investigative news reporter who wrote about places that were in need of improvement, change came because of her articles - traveled around the world in 72 days the winter of 1889-1890

Political Leaders: James Buchanan, George McClellan, Thadeus Stevens, Alexander Haig, Jr., Thomas Paine, Winfield Hancock
George C. Marshall - US Army Chief of Staff 1939, US Secretary of State 1947, Marshall Plan for WWII damage in Europe, Nobel Peace Prize 1953

Business Leaders: Milton Hershey, Henry Heinz, Charles Schwab, Andrew Mellon, J. Pierpont Morgan - United States Steel Corporation 1901, George Westinghouse
Andrew Carnegie - coal, steel, railroads - telegraph operator, superintendent of the railroad company, fixed telegraph and railroads, in the civil War, 1865 began and built the largest steel empire in the US, after he sold it, he gave steel company money to educational and cultural charities; colleges, hospitals, science museums, music hall, over 2000 libraries, and 8000 church organs!
John Wanamaker

Entertainers: Marion Anderson, Samuel Barber, Drew Barrymore, Bill Cosby, Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey, W.C. Fields, Stephen Foster, Gene & Grace Kelly, Jimmy Stewart, Fred Waring, Mary LouWilliams
Pennsylvania Show Business
Pennsylvania Jazz
John Bill Ricketts - Started 1st American circus in 1793 in Philadelphia

Athletes: Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Joe Paterno, Julius Erving, Wilt Chamberlain, Reggie Jackson, Mike Schmidt, Tara Lipinski , Arnold Palmer
Pennsylvania Baseball Teams Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates - Baseball in Pennsylvania - Little League
Football Teams - Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles
Hockey Teams - Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers
Basketball Team - Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers

Authors: Louisa May Alcott, John O'Hara, James Michener, George Catlin, John Upkide, Robinson Jeffers

Artists: Mary Cassatt, , Alexander Calder, Stuart Davis, Thomas Eakins, Edward Hicks, Charles Willson Peale, Newell Convers (NC) Wyeth, Andrew & Jamie Wyeth
Peter Frederick Rothermel's "The Battle of Gettysburg: Pickett's Charge"
Benjamin West - PA born painter of historic events "William Penn's Treaty with the Indians."
Famous paintings about Pennsylvania by outside painters
Emanuel Leutze (German) Washington Crossing the Delaware
Violet Oakley's murals Washington Marching Through Philadelphia
Robert Edge Pine and Edward Savage - Congress Voting on the Declaration of Independence
John Trumbull (Connecticut) Signing of the Declaration of Independence
John James Audubon - Artist & Naturalist

Additional Resources:

Teachers Guide for "K is for Keystone" by Patricia Pierce
PA Unit Worksheets
Pennsylvania Worksheet
Philadelphia Convention Notebook Page
Declaration of Independence Notebook Page
U.S. Constitution Notebook Page
Benjamin Franklin Notebook Page
Label the States
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Milton Hershey
Milton Hershey Chocolate Unit