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Burgess Animal Book Notebooking
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Free Princess Lapbook - Homeschool Helper Online

Princess Lapbook Submitted by Ruth S.
K - 8th

Library List:
The Princess and the Kiss by Jennie Bishop
Life Lessons from the Princess and the Kiss by Jennie Bishop & Susan Henson
I'd Be Your Princess by Kathryn O'Brien
The True Princess by Angela Elwell Hunt
His Little Princess by Sheri Rose Shepherd
Just the Way You Are by Max Lucado
The Way Home by Max Lucado
Gigi God's Little Princess by Sheila Walsh
Gigi God's Little Princess The Royal Tea Party by Sheila Walsh
Princess: A Glittering Guide for Young Ladies by Stella Gurney
A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Instructions for Folding Lapbooks

This Princess lapbook gets a lot of ideas from the book Life Lessons from the Princess and the Kiss by Jennie Bishop and Susan Henson. To go more in depth with these ideas I would definitely suggest using this book. I believe that most of the booklets can also be completed without this book. Our goal was to teach our daughters that they are princesses and how to truly act as a princess. Some of the books recommended are for young girls but this study can also be done with older girls.

Books We Read - These are to use to write down any books read during the study.

Dinner Plate and Goblet, Soup Bowl and Bread and Butter Plate, Silverware and Napkin - These can be used to help teach how to properly set a table whether everyday or formal.

Manners Book - This was designed to help teach what good manners were desired. Under each flap could be written expectations of how those manners would be carried out. Example Table Manners on flap and Elbows off of table, and any other desired ideas.

My Pretty Stationary and folder inside - The art of letter writing is dying out. This idea was for teaching the importance of Thank you notes as well as providing a place to keep pretty stationary until needed. Everyone loves to get a note in the mail.

Who is King, Prince book - Talk about how God is King, Daddy is Prince, and Prince Charming will come but don't rush to find one.

Will God Love Me book - Talk about how much God loves her and His forgiveness. Also how He created her to be just who she is. Answer the questions under the flaps.

Responsibility book - As we grow we get more responsibilities but also more privileges. Talk about privileges gained by following through with responsibilities. Write responsibilities on flap and privilege underneath.

Greetings book - Can be used to teach how to appropriately greet others. Meeting an older person, introducing yourself to others, etc.

Gems book - This can go along with the Life Lessons book or can be used to add Bible verses that go along with the different ideas talked about with this study.

The following books are numbered for those who are using the Life Lessons book, the numbers correspond to the lesson number. If this book is not being used simply talk about the idea.

Book 1 - Talk about how we are God's treasured possessions. Answer the question inside.
Book 2 - Discuss the special unique things God gave to your daughter. Ex. her hair color, her nose, her freckles. Answer inside book.
Book 3 - God has given us many gifts. Talk about them and write some on each flap.
Book 4 - Talk about what Jesus did for us when He died, and what He gives us because of that.
Book 5 - Talk about milestones that can be seen as becoming more like Jesus.
Book 6 - Talk about things that come as we mature. Examples could be first kiss, driving etc.
Book 7 - Talk about Wisdom and what scripture says about it.
Book 8 - Discuss things godly attitudes you admire in godly men around you.
Book 9 - Talk about ways to guard your heart.
Book 10 - Talk about things that money can buy and things that money can't buy. Put the answers under appropriate flap.
Book 11 - Talk about not being proud and being humble.
Book 12 - Discuss how God protects and parents protect us, and why we need to submit to their authority.
Book 13 - Talk about feelings and how they can be good, neutral or bad depending on how we react to them. Also talk about how feelings can change. Write some of those feelings discussed in book.
Book 14 - Discuss what sin separates us from. Write some of those down in the book.
Book 15 - Talk about modesty and how we should dress. A paper doll can be found at http://marilee.us/paperdolls.html to fill the envelope. Make more clothing if desired.
Book 16 - Discuss good characteristics that we all should work on. The fruit of the Spirit would be a great place to start.
Book 17 - Talk about how we can cause more love and good works by doing it ourselves.
Book 18 - Talk about your daughters dreams for the future. Write them on the flaps.
Book 19 - Talk about how she can pray for her future husband. Write down some things to pray for inside of book.
Book 20 - Talk about purity and how we can protect it.
Book 21 - Discuss people who your daughter knows that follow Christ. Write them on the shoes.