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Ten Commandments Lapbook - Homeschool Helper Online

Ten Commandments Lapbook Submitted by Elizabeth T.

Instructions for Folding Lapbooks

FOR FRONT: Print the Ten Commandments on a brown paper grocery bag. Just cut the front of the bag to the size of an 8.5x11 paper, and put it in your printer! After printing, you may cut the top to resemble the shape of the tablets. You may wish to use a simplified version of the Commandments here, like this one:
1. Have no other gods.
2. Have no idols.
3. Honor God's name.
4. Honor the Sabbath day.
5. Honor your parents.
6. Do not murder.
7. Do not commit adultery.
8. Do not steal.
9. Do not lie
10. Do not covet.

ART PROJECT: Paint a picture illustrating Exodus 19:16-19. You may use watercolor pencils for this project. We included the fire, the smoke, Moses ascending the mountain, the people waiting at the foot of the mountain, and we pasted at the very bottom the text which served as our inspiration.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: If you are learning a foreign language, you may wish to include the Ten Commandments in that language as part of your project.

At the bottom of the page are the instructions and some sample questions. I just took it one step further and typed out the questions, cut them out with my child's help, glued them to cardstock, and put contact paper over them. It was a LOT of work, but we have all enjoyed playing the game, and it has been a painless way to review and learn more about the Commandments. I especially appreciated the fact that this game and questions requires thinking about *applying* the Commandments in our lives. Some questions were things like "Can you bear false witness by keeping silent?" and "What kinds of things might people put before God?" You can create your own questions as well.

In one section, you may create flaps with roman numeral on them, under which you can include the actual Biblical text for each commandment. Besides practice in roman numerals, you may also have your child measure the space available for the flaps to determine how big to make the flaps in order to make all ten of them fit. They may then measure out each flap to cut them out and tape them on the designated area. You may also make these flaps out of a brown paper grocery sack.

You may wish to use the Ten Commandments in Prose for memory or copywork:
You shall have no gods but me
Before no idol bow your knee
Take not the name of God in vain
Dare not the Sabbath day profane
Give both your parents honor due
Take heed that you no murder do
Abstain from words and deeds unclean
Steal not, though you be poor and mean
Tell not a willful lie nor love it
What is your neighbor's do not covet

These are pictures that really help the children learn which commandment is which, since they can picture it! Instead of making posters, I shrunk them down into cards. I put the explaination available on the same site on the back of each card.

You may include the Greatest Commandment, according to Jesus, as well as the Second Greatest. We printed these and added them to the front of two pockets. Inside the two pockets I divided the memory peg cards, to show that if we fulfill the Two Greatest Commandments, we will be fulfilling the other Ten: If we love God, we will do the first four, and if we love others, we will be doing the last six. (Snuck some math in here too - 6+4=10 !!)

You may choose to use these for memorization, copywork, or just for reading one each day of your unit.
We made cards for each verse and included them in a separate pocket:
Exodus 20:2-6
Ps 19:8-10
Exodus 15:26
Jeremiah 31:33b
Mark 12:29-31
Dt 11:18

You may like to make simple sequence strips to play a memory game with. Simply type the commandments out and cut them into strips, and have your child practice putting them in the proper order. You could use a timer to make it more challenging, and chart the progress each day! If you wish to make them more durable, print on cardstock and/or cover with contact paper.

On the back of the lapbook, you may want to print "The Ten Commandments Song", also on a brown paper grocery bag. At this site, you can listen to the music, and they also provide sheet music if you want to play it. It is basically to the tune of "Ten Little Indians". We usually sang this song while I held up the "memory peg" cards for each commandment so the information would be going in as many channels as possible!

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